Saturday, April 26, 2008

Johnny and World War III

I am pretty darn sure that you have played the "...and then...." game with your friends without even knowing it. "What if there was a really smart baby with an IQ of 1000!" and then your friend might say, "and then he was sooo smart that he went to college!" and so on. Well here's one for you:

Jimmy got a card from his friend Bob one day.
He was so excited that he got the card that he tripped and broke his foot.
He was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance when it crashed into a car in a high speed car chase going down the wrong way.
Jimmy was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital by helicopter that dropped him a bit too early.
Luckily he had fallen from 275 feet in front of the hospital.
They rushed him in to ER and the surgeon accidently made a mistake and killed him.
Angry, the parents sued the surgeon for 10 million dollars and they won.
They also risked taking a law suit against Bob's parents.
They won another 1 million dollars.
Not knowing what to do, Bob's dad Bill went to all the banks in town.
They refused to give him a loan.
Angry, Bill screamed at the bank teller for being unfair.
Every one in the bank heard, and decided not to trust the bank anymore.
They all went to go and get their money out of their accounts but the bank could not let out all the money.
Furious, the FCC loaned 10 million dollars to the bank to pay back the angry customers.
Angry, the president of the US ordered it illegal because it took away from the funds of his statue.
Everyone hated him for that and Congress impeached him from office.
Several weeks later, the ex-president came back with the Canadian army and took over parts of the northern US.
After negotiations, the remaining US allied with Mexico to take back all the land.
Mexico wanted part of the land, so they kept California and Texas. The furious Americans declared war on Mexico.
Wanting some of the land too that it once owned for such a short time, the Canadians allied with Mexico and conqured parts of America.
Desperate, the US called for French and English help, and both countries agreed.
Wanting something in return, they decided to take Puerto Rico as part of Europe.
France wanted to control it but so did England. Their hate for each other caused them to war against each other.
In order to get support, the two countries turned to the European Union countries to help them. Some went with England, and others went with the French.
The Germans didn't choose a side because they hated them both and entered the war as another country.
America in the meanwhile asked Japan and China for help, but those two countries also went to war because they didn't want to work together.
They both began to ask for help from Asian countries to support them but China ended up taking all of them but Pakistan which the Japanese allied with.
India took this as a reason to go to war with Pakistan.
Tibet supported Pakistan because they did not like China.
China went and conquered Tibet and oppressed the people.
The French were so outraged by the notion that they declared war on China.
China decided to go and ally with the British.
Together they conquered France.
The French asked for US help.
US responded and brought in their last ally: Japan.
Japan, U.S., and France fought against China (and its allies) and the Brits (and their allies). They all destroyed Germany.
And that was how Johnny started World War III

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